Essential Puppy Supplies – Must-Haves for New Pet Parents
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Essential Puppy Supplies – Must-Haves for New Pet Parents

Essential Puppy Supplies – Must-Haves for New Pet Parents

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting, but preparing well before your pup arrives is essential. Having the right supplies in place can help ease the transition and save you multiple trips back and forth to the pet store. Puppy crates and playpens provide puppies a safe, secure space to sleep and learn house training. Dog beds offer a cozy spot for daytime naps. Chewing toys help occupy puppies while they teethe and double as a reward-based training tool.


A crate is an essential puppy supply that will provide your dog with their own space. You must invest in a quality crate from that is the right size for your pup so they are comfortable. Many crates have a divider that can be adjusted as your pet grows. You also want to have a sturdy leash and poop bags on hand. Having these supplies ready will make it easy to take your new pup on walks and clean up after them. You will also want to have a variety of safe chew toys for your new pup to play with. Avoid plush or stuffed toys, as they can be choking hazards. Providing your dog with several different types of toys to play with will help keep them busy when they are alone in their crate.


The right food is the cornerstone of your puppy’s diet. They need a scientifically formulated formula to help support their growth and development and balanced nutrition to meet their unique dietary needs. Use our food finder tool to discover your pup’s dog diet based on their age, breed, and lifestyle. Pet parents also want their furry companions to feel nourished and healthy and their food to be high-quality with premium ingredients. This trend has led to a growth in plant-based foods, as pet parents are interested in solutions that address health and planet impact. You’ll also need puppy-safe foods, bowls, chew toys, treats to help them get used to their new environment, waste control bags, and a pooper scooper. It’s also a good idea to have a brush on hand to keep your young dog’s coat healthy and comfortable and toothpaste for puppies to introduce them to teeth brushing early.


Water is essential to your puppy’s health and wellbeing. During their first few weeks at home, keeping your dog well-hydrated is essential by always providing clean, fresh water. A travel dog water bowl is also an excellent idea for when you’re out and about with your pup. It will make it easy for them to drink when they need to while you’re visiting places like the dog park or doggie daycare.

Cleaning products

Even the most well-trained puppies can have accidents or miss the mark with toilet training. So, having these cleaning pet supplies on hand will help you mop up any messes immediately and avoid unnecessary stress for your furry friend. Puppy pads are a valuable tool for indoor dogs and can be helpful during toilet training as they provide a designated area for your pet. You’ll also want a waste control bag holder and plenty of waste control bags to use on walks with your new furry family member.


Toys keep your dog busy and help them feel more engaged with you. They also help reduce stress and can be an excellent tool for training. Just be sure to choose toys that are safe for puppies. Avoid small, loose parts that could be chewed off and swallowed. Also, look for chew toys designed for puppies or those made from a durable teething material. Having a few low-value “Me Time” toys accessible to your dog will always encourage them to focus on you instead of other things that may distract them or cause them stress. It is important to name these toys as soon as you introduce them to your pup to create a connection.


Treats are a great way to reinforce good behavior and reward your puppy. They also help prevent boredom, which is essential for a growing pup. Treats can also distract them from chewing on shoes, furniture, or other items you might not want to have gnawed up! New pet parents must have waste control bags and a pooper scooper. Even the most well-trained puppies may have accidents during toilet training, so having these supplies around will help to avoid messy cleanups in your home. Puppies love to chew, so having some teething toys is essential. Look for dog toys made of materials that are durable and not choking hazards, like stuffed or rope toys.


A blanket answers your pup’s natural nesting instincts, offering comfort and warmth. It’s also ideal for travel as you can use it to cover your dog’s crate or bed. When choosing a blanket, look for one that offers a combination of warm insulation, waterproof lining, and reversibility to suit your pup’s needs. You’ll also want to invest in a heavyweight or weighted blanket for anxiety and stress management. Seasoned with the scent of your puppy’s mother or their original home, this blanket is believed to help reduce anxiety and make your new pet feel at ease in stressful situations. You’ll need a leash and poop bag, as well as cleaning supplies to deal with accidents and any medical issues your fur baby may encounter. These essential puppy supplies are the best way to ensure your dog or cat can settle into their new environment quickly and comfortably.